How to Build a 6 or 7 Figure Business Working One Hour Per Day.
Imagine this…it’s 9 am and you’re done with work for the day. 

While everyone else just slumped into their desk at their day job…you’ve finished all your important work for the day.

Now the only thing you have to figure out is what to do with all this newfound time and freedom…and how to spend your money.

The question is…how to finish work at 9am?

Do you have to start at 1am? Nope.

I start most of my days around 7 or 8am. I work till 9 or 10 and then I’m done. I have three main businesses so I typically work about 2 hours. 

Some days I wake up and surf before I do anything. Other days I sleep in and watch tv or read until I want to work. Then I put in an hour or two in the middle of the day.

When I travel I typically just send one email a day and do nothing else. It only takes me about 20 minutes and lets me truly enjoy my trips. Some trips I'll just sit down for an hour and write 5 emails for the week, upload them to my email software and do absolutely nothing for the rest of the trip.

It's TRUE freedom. Not the illusion of freedom that most entrepreneurs have. They build a business that controls them and their time...I want you to build something that YOU control. Something that allows you to work only when YOU want to. 

Sure, you can work more if you want to. 

For me, how much I work just depends on a few questions I have to ask myself:

-How much money do I want to make this week?
-Am I traveling? 
-Do I want to work at all? 

So can you actually make a living working from your laptop in just 1 hour a day?

The short answer is Yes.

The longer is answer is yes, if you know exactly what to do during that hour…and then you actually do it. 

And…if you don’t expect it to happen over night. 

It’s all about Momentum.  

The method is simple. 

30 minutes putting together an email. 30 minutes on traffic generation. 

The best part is you can outsource both of those things if you want to. I personally still write emails because I'm good at it and I love it. 

But I don't do any of my own traffic generation. I pay other people to do that...and I make back WAY more than I pay them. 

See, making money online is actually quite simple. 

You just need two things:

1. Traffic
2. Conversions

I know that’s an oversimplification…but it’s true. 

If you can send people to a page and then turn those people into money…then you can make a living online.

Learn how to turn that into a repeatable system and you have a business. 

That's exactly what you're going to learn in the One Hour Workday.

Here's What You Get Inside The One Hour Workday:
  • Module 1 - Your Ideal Day: We go over a step-by-step system for creating your "Ideal Day." Your Ideal Day is meant to be something you get to live most days of the week. You get to choose when you work, how much you work, and more importantly...what you're going to do with the rest of your time. 
  • I've been lucky enough to design a pretty awesome life for myself. But it didn't happen by accident. I am intentional with how I spend my days. See, most people plan their work, then they let fun, hobbies, exercise, family time, and whatever else they enjoy fit into the cracks of time when they aren't working. I plan my DAY (surfing, going to the gym, playing tennis, reading, skateboarding with my dog, hanging out with girlfriend, stand up comedy, etc) and then I plan my WORK around my day. This alone will create a dramatic difference in your life. And if you have a full-time job right now? We'll still create your ideal to give you a clear vision of what you're striving for. You'll get my Ideal Day Visualization to help you create your vision and EXECUTE it. This is a full 2 hour and 30 minute training to help you design your ideal day. I know a LOT of entrepreneurs - both clients and friends - most of them don't live their ideal day very often. They've built businesses that require them to work too much to truly enjoy their lives. I don't want that to be you. 
  • Module 2 - Niche Selection: The most important part of guaranteeing your success with your business is selecting the right niche. I walk you through a research process to help ensure you make the right choice. The key is finding the sweet spot of profit AND passion. I want you to build something you love. Something that brings joy to your life almost everyday you work on it. It is possible to make a great living doing something you love. But you need to follow a proven process to ensure you pick the right niche. I've created multiple seven figure businesses using this same process. I'm confident you can do the same. You can also post in the private FB group to get feedback on your niche to make sure you're making the right choice. You'll get direct feedback from me or my team of coaches... and you'll get amazing feedback from other One Hour Workday members too. This is the area where people tend to make a mistake by picking too big of a niche. The feedback from the group is invaluable to ensure you get started in the right space. Even if you have an existing business you'll get amazing insights about your audience from the research process.
  • Module 3 - Collecting Emails: Landing Pages and Lead Magnets: Before you start getting traffic you need to have the right page to to collect emails. I give you examples and templates you can use to make your own. You can get creative...or you can just use my proven templates to succeed. Just fill in the blanks and you're good to go. We've even created funnel templates for you so you have to do as little work as possible to get things going. 
  • Module 4 - Free Traffic: There's one free traffic source that is almost perfectly designed for the One Hour Workday. When you do this strategy the right way, you'll never have to pay for traffic if you don't want to. In fact, if you follow the system properly, Facebook will essentially pay you to build your email list. I'm personally using this strategy alongside my paid traffic and I'm getting great results. 
  • Module 5 - Check in Q + A: In this call we go over pressing questions from OHWD members and answer anything you need help with at this point in the process. 
  • Module 6 - Paid Traffic: In this module we teach you how to set up paid ads. I recorded this training with the guys I personally pay to run traffic for my business. They're pros who've spent millions of dollars on ads. They walk you through the steps of setting up ads that will turn into dollars. 
  • Module 7 - How To Write Profitable Emails FAST: One of the reasons I created this system is because I wanted to make something that ANYONE could use to make money online. It does require some work, but once you've put the system in place, it doesn't take much to keep things running. There's one sentence I say over and over again when it comes to making money online: If you can write emails to a friend, you can make money online. I know that may sound too good to be true, but I know it's true because I've helped people just like you do it.
  • Module 8 - How To Monetize Your List: I give you some basic and advanced strategies on how you can make money from your email list and audience. This is my true specialty. This is why people pay me $10,000 per person at my email copy and deliverability workshops. I give you the strategies to make as much as possible from each person on your list. When I started out online I made $55k in one year from a list of just 200 people (while working a full-time job and only working on the side business a few hours per week). I used these same strategies to launch a six-figure per month business in the self-development space from a list of just 3,000 people. 
My Unusual 300% Guarantee
I have an unusual guarantee I'm offering for this course...

See, I'm not offering a least not in the "traditional" sense. I don't believe in them. A guarantee gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want. It allows you to give up on something that you want to achieve.

Not having a guarantee means you have to "burn the ships" so to speak. You MUST take action because there is no other option.

That being said, here's what I AM offering. 

This product has a 300% guarantee. 

It works 100% of the time, for 100% of the people who implement it 100%. 

The products works. But it needs YOU to make it work. That's why I do things this way...

You have 60 days to consume the material and test it out. 

If you actually DO the work and follow the course during that time, just show me what you've done, and if it doesn't work... I'll GLADLY refund you every penny. 

(Basically, you have to prove to me that you actually followed what I taught you. If you do that and it doesn't work I'll refund you.) 

I haven't had a single refund yet from people who've done the work. 

I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know how easy it is to just refund something because you're too scared to actually take action. I used to be that guy. I bought stuff and returned because I didn't take action.

This is the guarantee I wish someone had offered me. That's why I offer this guarantee is because I KNOW you'll succeed if you follow through.
So What Is The Investment For The One Hour Workday?
The One Hour Workday System sells for $2,000 every single day of the year. You can pay that price any time you want. 

That means you can get everything I described above - a proven system to grow a business from scratch or accelerate the growth of an existing business - for just $2000. 

If you use this system to build a $10,000 per month business that's 60x return on your investment in the first year. 

If all the course ever did for you is add $1,000 a month to your income, it would still be an 6x return on investment in the first year. 

In the next 60 days (or much faster if you move quickly) you can have a fully functioning ALMOST passive income machine generating money for you for the rest of your life. 

I'm excited to see you inside the program. 
Join The One Hour Workday for Just $2,000.
How does the program work?
This is an eight week course to help you create a business that only requires one hour of work per day max. OR to help you make more from your existing business.

Think of it as a rapid implementation workshop. Our focus will be on increasing your leverage to make more money without increasing the amount of time you have to work.

I’m basically taking you through my full process for building and improving businesses.

It’s the same process I’ve used to grow and sell an Ecommerce business to the fastest growing start up in Canada. Then I used it to do over six figures a month in just three months with the LionHeart Workshop.

It’s the same principles we used at Crisis Education to do $18 million per year.

This is essentially me teaching you all the most important shit I’ve learned over the past 5 years of working inside businesses and building my own. During that time I’ve sold over $100 million of products and services…

…all while rarely working over 3 hours per day.
I’m a copywriter, should I do this? How will it help me?
If you’re a copywriter, there are two primary ways this can help you.

1. Getting clients who have email lists to pay you per email OR give you 25% to 50% profits from their list. The "list management" model can seriously make you an extra $10k to $50k per month or more if you find the right list. That’s not an exaggeration and it’s not something people talk about.

2. Build an asset while you write copy for other people. The biggest issue with writing copy for other people is that you aren’t building something you OWN.

If you’re in that situation, even if you’re making over $10k or $20k a month, you really should be building something you own at the same time. If all you do is commit 20 minutes a day to following this system, you’ll have something REAL that you can make money from forever. Just do it before you start your client work.

I see copywriters lose 50% to 80% of their income overnight when a client decides to make a change. That’s not a stable way to make a living. Use this program to add an income stream and long-term money making capability.
I already have a successful business, is this for me?
Yes, my goal with someone who already owns a business is to focus on leverage points. We will identify where you can add revenue and profit, without adding time or work to your schedule.

The pieces I’m teaching about landing pages, funnels, and email strategies should pay for the course pretty damn quickly.
Do I have to work an hour per day? What if I commit less time or more time to this?
Let’s be real, the One Hour Workday is a catchy name. It’s also a real concept. The "One Hour" part is pulled from the 30/30 strategy where you spend 30 minutes per day generating traffic and 30 minutes writing an email.

The reality is you can spend less or more time to make it work for you.

I spend almost no time on traffic generation. I pay people for that. I also rarely take 30 minutes to write an email. It typically takes me 7 to 22 minutes to write an email. Just depends on the day and what I’m writing.

Some days I work 3 hours. Some days it’s 20 minutes. Some days I do nothing. On some occasions I work longer days but almost never more than 5 hours or so. (Mind you this was all during times where I was running multiple businesses. Now that I have just one business it’ll be a lot less work time.)

I really don’t think you need to work long hours if you focus on the right tasks.

As far as your commitment to the program, you don’t need to put in an hour each day. You can do 20 minutes a day or just an hour a week.

But I think you’ll find that these are 60 of the most useful and productive days of your life if you’re willing to commit an hour per day to the program.
When does it start?
All the modules are ready for you as soon as you decide to pull the trigger.
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