The Most Important Email You’ll Ever Write… 
And I’ve Already Written it For You.
Did you know there’s one type of email that’s more important than anything else you’ll ever write?

Well, there is…and it’s the one that people tend to work on the least.

They half ass it. They scrape something together without thinking about it too much…

…because they have NO IDEA that this one single type of email can be the reason their business succeeds…or fails.

Sound dramatic? Well, it is a bit dramatic.

But there’s a reason for my flair for the theatrical.

If you get this email right…you can have an email list that will build your business for the rest of your life.

Get it wrong…and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle for the entirety of your business.

So what is this specific type of email?
It's the Welcome Email.
It’s the first email you send to your list after they opt in or buy something from you.

This single email sets the tone for the entire relationship you’ll have with your list. It dictates whether or not they’ll open, click, and buy from all the following emails…or decide then and there that they don’t want to learn or buy from you anymore.  

It really is that important.  

But I have some good and bad news for you.  

Bad news is that 6 hour email template I gave you may not be of much use to you if you get your Welcome Email wrong.  

Good news is…if you get that Welcome Email right, your 6 hour email will be even more powerful than normal. 

And the even better news is I’ve already written your Welcome Email for you. 

In fact, I’ve written three different versions you can plug and play into your business…just to make sure the voice matches yours.  

Simply fill in the blanks and you can make it your new welcome email in your autoresponder in the next 20 minutes.  

Over the past 5 years I’ve tested a whole bunch of welcome emails. I’ve tested the sequence of what I deliver. I’ve tested subject lines. The opening line. Bullets vs. no bullets. All of the above. 

And I’ve found a simple formula that works…and then turned it into a simple fill in the blanks template a sixth grader could use. It’s that easy.  
I’m gonna give you these email templates to profit from for the rest of your life…in any business or niche.
So what am I gonna charge you for these Welcome Email templates?  

Well, I charge $1500 per email when I write for clients…plus a $5k bonus based on performance. (Yes, I actually charge that…it’s not some BS “price anchor number.)  

Obviously I’m not gonna charge that cuz I didn’t write this email specifically for your business.  

I’m not gonna charge hundreds of dollars for it. (Even though I have clients who make over $100k a year from just one of my emails.)  

I’m gonna make this wayyyyy less than you’d think because I have not-so-secret motive…I want you to buy my other products and join my Emails of the Month Club where I give you new fill-in-the-blank templates every month.  

This is my way of showing you how good my content is and display what I call “Feelings In Advance.” I want you to get the feeling of using my templates and making money…once you’ve done that you’ll be hooked. (That’s the idea at least.) 

My friend Jerry West used my templates to make $80k in 3 days. It’s safe to he’s a customer for life now.  

So all I’m gonna charge you for these Welcome Email templates is a measly $7. 

That’s the cost of those sugar-fat-acchinos at Starbucks. Or a drink at a cheap bar. Or a couple burgers at a fast food joint. 

You get it, it’s not much money.  

All you have to do is click the button below and I’ll send over the templates ASAP. That way you have your new Welcome Email up and running in your autoresponder within the next half hour.  

No reason to wait…if you don’t like them just send me an email at and I’ll send you a refund.  

Just do me a favor and test it before you pass any judgment. There’s a reason for the templates…they WORK. And they’ve worked in countless niches. From credit scores, to survival, to water filters, Internet marketing, and a whole lot more.  

Grab yours now…cuz I don’t know how long I’ll do this for.  

That’s not some false scarcity crap. Sometimes I stop running traffic to funnels while I work on other projects. I can’t guarantee this will be available forever. (It might be, but I really don’t know.) 

So if you’re on this page right now you may as well grab your templates and test them out.  

Use them for your own business or use them for a client.  
Grab Your Welcome Email Templates For Only $7 
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $7, you're getting 
3 proven fill-in-the-blank welcome email templates you can use to profit from TODAY. 
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, I'm offering my normal guarantee. If you actually USE the templates and aren't happy with the results just show me your completed emails and I'll refund you. This isn't a "no-questions-asked" guarantee. I want you to actually fill out the templates and test them. 
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