How To Earn 5 Figures Per Month as a 
"Persuasion Hitman" 
Have you ever felt like you could charge more for your services but you haven’t been able to do it?

Have you ever felt like you should make 2X the money you’re making a year right now but you’re stuck at your level for one reason or another...

Have you ever felt slimy or sleazy when you sell stuff to people whether by email or on the phone or through copywriting?

This is not something persuasion tactics alone will fix.

It’s a far deeper issue.

I call these issues internal blocks.

And one of the easiest ways to make more money, sales, and get paid what you’re worth is to get rid of these internal blocks.

Because these internal blocks are the root behind what’s holding you back.

What If You Could Destroy The Internal 
Blocks Stopping You From: 
1. Making More Money...
2. Closing More Sales...
3. And Getting Paid What You’re Worth?
Sounds great right?

Here’s the deal.

Everyone has these internal blocks holding them back from making more sales and earning more.

But if you’ve been in the sales or marketing space for any amount of time like I have...

You’ll know that the world of persuasion is tainted by some sleazy people. They only focus on tactics, memorizing scripts, and manipulation.

Scripts and tactics can get you some of the way, but to earn and charge what you’re worth, the key is to get rid of these hidden internal blocks.

And the fastest way to get rid of these hidden internal blocks is with what I call the “Second Self” technique... which we’ll get to in just a sec.

For now, just know that the “Second Self” allows you to get to the root cause of the issues you’re facing in your life...

Even issues with making more sales or even making more money. 

Most of all, it gets YOU out of your own way so you can do what’s necessary to increase your income. 

So how do you know if you have these internal blocks?

If you:
  • Were paid to do chores as a child...
  • If you were told something like, “money doesn’t grow on trees” growing up
  • ​If you feel like you aren’t truly earning what you’re worth…
  • ​Or if you feel like selling is a bad thing….
You Have Internal Blocks Held Deep Inside 
Your Subconscious That No Amount Of 
Scripts Or Routines Will Fix
That’s where the “Second Self” technique comes into play.

When you use the “Second Self” technique you’ll be able to speak to a hidden part of yourself that isn’t normally accessible. 

Ever seen the movie Limitless? Bradley Cooper takes a pill and suddenly becomes wildly successful.

There’s an interesting part of that movie that relates to the Second Self.

You see, it’s said that you only utilize 10% of your brain. That means 90% of it is unused.

But what if you could access that other 90%? The subconscious mind can process 20,000,000 bits of info per second. The conscious mind can only process 40 bits of info per second. 

When Bradley Cooper suddenly knows the answer to almost everything, it’s not because he studied more. It’s because he gained ACCESS to his subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is full of information and insights that we’re not aware of. We KNOW things that we don’t even realize we know. 

Now, I don’t have the limitless pill…(sorry to break it to you)...

But the Second Self allows you to tap into that other 90% of your brain to gain access to knowledge and insights that would (and will) shock you. 

In just a moment I’ll show you how I’ll take you through the 18 minute “Second Self” technique where you can physically draw out and see your “Second Self.”

This “Second Self” is a version of you that has answers to many of your deepest questions...

And gives you the power to destroy internal blocks secretly holding you back from achieving your greatest potential.

See, if you’re a salesman, coach, consultant, funnel builder, copywriter, or business owner...

Then to break through your glass ceiling and reach your maximum income potential it’s crucial to get rid of these internal blocks.

When you do...
  • You’ll become unconsciously competent at making sales and closing deals.
  • ​You’ll never have to worry about the ‘right’ thing to say because it will effortlessly flow out of you
  • And money will be attracted to you.
Money doesn’t care as much about what you do, as much as who you ARE.

And when you are someone without internal blocks, you get pulled toward success, fulfillment, and achievement.

In Entourage, Vince gets paid $1,000,000 to show up for ONE day at a photo shoot. 

In real life, Kim Kardashian got paid $30K to show up to a night club for one night. She can get paid six figures for a single instagram post.

She didn’t do anything special.

She got paid because of WHO she is. 

Now, you may not be a Kim Kardashian fan. (I’m not haha.) But the lesson is what matters. 

Oprah Winfrey became a millionaire at age 32.

She didn’t memorize cheesy persuasion routines and lines.

She grew up in a terribly abusive household but broke through her internal blocks to grow up to become one of the most well-known and famous people today.

Now, you’re not Vince, Kim, or Oprah. Neither am I. 

But I get paid $10,000 to do a day of consulting. (If I say yes to the client.)

You’re not me either. 

You’re YOU.

And you have blocks holding you back from fulfilling your potential. We ALL do. So...

What If The “Second Self” Technique Could Remove Your Internal Blocks In Just 18 Minutes?
I know that may sound like a bold promise…

But imagine never having to wonder what the ‘perfect’ line is to say to a prospect...when writing...or even to get that attractive stranger on a date.

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel when you can tap into this “Second Self” that does the talking and money making for you...

While you just sit back and relax?

Here’s how it works.

The goal is to understand human nature at its core.

When you do, you can persuade people to do the things they need to do so you can help them with their lives.

And so you can persuade yourself to do the things you need to do in your life.

When you understand people and why people operate the way that they do, you can get them to do what they're supposed to do.

This could be anything from taking their health more seriously...

To selling them on a life changing product or service that you know deep down will truly make a difference in their life...

Or getting a date.

But it starts with YOU.

And the fastest way is to use the “Second Self” technique.
It’s A Combination Of Sports Psychology, Breath Control, Visualization, And The Movie “Inception”
Yes, I understand how insanely weird that sounds. But you’ll shed your old limitations and beliefs like a shell that no longer fits. 

I’m going to force you to develop the skills to pull cash out of thin air. (Sounds cheesy but it’s true.)

And you’re damn well coming out the other side as a different person. I’ll grab you and turn you into a lean, mean money-making machine with my bare hands.

This is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

And it’s one of the most powerful techniques I’ve ever discovered and it’s been the collection of over a decade of researching topics from hormone hacking...

To neuroscience...

And studying from Harvard psychology professors mixed in with ancient Japanese wisdom used by the Samurai and most respected psychologists, scientists, and monks.

It takes thousands of years of knowledge and condenses it into an 18 minute technique you can effortlessly tap into at your leisure to destroy your internal blocks.

Here’s the best way I can explain it to you…

Ever see The Matrix? 

My favorite scene is when Neo puts the chord in his spine, fights Morpheus, then comes out and says “I Know Kung Fu.”

As a kid I would imagine a world where I could just “download” valuable information into my brain. It was the coolest thing in the world to me. 

Well, I don’t have a weird metal object to stab into your spine to teach you stuff…

But what I do have is a way to “Download” the principles of deep persuasion, sales, and marketing, into your brain. Just by using a simple pair of headphones. 

If you can put headphones in your ears and sit relatively still for 18 minutes, I can “upload” a powerful new operating system into your brain. 

The “Second Self” Technique Is Just ONE Part Of The Intensive 3-Day Ultimate Persuasion 
Workshop I Did In Austin Texas
When I say intensive…I mean it. 

Each of the 12 people there paid $3,000 to be in the room. They all got a ton out of it and their lives changed in ways that went beyond just copywriting and sales.

We went deep into storytelling, money mindset, meditation, and all around persuasion skills. It was 3 days of INTENSE learning and hot seats. At least half of the people in the room cried over the 3 days.

Hell, I even cried on the third day when I told the Poseidon story (the story of how my dog almost died).

But that’s not all…I did the same event again a few months later. 

Except I brought in some experts like Justin Goff (an absolute marketing and copywriting wizard) to help make it even better.

Then I never taught the event again…but I did something relatively intelligent.
I recorded both the events.

Then I had my video guy combine ALL the best footage from both events and send it to me. I then went through all the footage and organized it into sections.

There’s pieces on pure writing skills. There’s storytelling. There’s writing exercises.

Then there’s a two and half hour training where Justin Goff and I broke down how to build high converting funnels and showed examples.

Then there’s the deeper mindset components. On top of all that there’s email training and more persuasion elements.

It’s basically 6 days of content (and $6,000 worth of content) all in one membership area.

But it’s been boiled down to just the best stuff so it won’t take you 6 days to go through everything.

The content is legit worth $6,000.

The reality is I’m never gonna teach this stuff again so I’m ok with charging less for it than I normally would - especially after hearing how life changing the material is.

In the Ultimate Persuasion Workshop we covered:
  • The #1 most important emotion to make someone buy (it’s not scarcity, fear, pain, greed, or urgency)
  • ​The ONE question to ask yourself to get the most out of your email list (this one question is responsible for me generating over $100K/month with my tiny email list of 7,000 people)
  • ​A full breakdown of a sales letter that’s getting 1,000 customers per day. If you’re in sales or want to get more sales - this may be the most important breakdown you’ll ever see
  • ​How the London Olympics in 2012 did $1.3 billion in ticket sales (instead of the projected $450 million) with this one odd price anchoring trick. Use this trick when you want to get more sales without changing a single part of your sales process
  • ​How to get rid of writer’s block for good
  • ​Why writing full sales letters is a waste of your time as a copywriter - and what to do instead to earn fat checks without starting sales letters from scratch
  • ​How to set up the perfect offer for your funnel
  • ​The 10 commandments of good writing (these are the writing rules all great writers know but none share. They won’t teach you this in school. Good writing can be the difference between getting on the phone with a prospect again to make the sale or losing the sale forever)
  • ​How to properly structure deals that could have clients happily pay 2x, 3x, or 5x more than you normally would charge
Not only that, we also covered everything about persuasion you could possibly imagine.

Tapping into your “Second Self.”

How to create great hooks. How to tell when you have a buyer in heat. How to get people to buy. Getting people addicted to your products. How to go from B-List to A-List copywriting. Getting proposals accepted. Key points for leverage. How to structure deals. And those are just the highlights.

When you add the Ultimate Persuasion Workshop to your order, you’ll get immediate access to all 12 hours, 50 minutes, and 43 seconds of persuasion goodness.

Oddly specific, I know.

But it goes to show that I’m not kidding around.

You’ll get the exact 18 minute technique to tap into your “Second Self” to start chipping away at your internal blocks.

You’ll get real examples and full breakdowns of funnels that generated 260,000 customers over 3 years (and tens of millions of dollars in revenue)...and how to implement the same principles into your sales process or funnels.

You’ll also see exactly how a short, 20 minute video sold a $40,000 workshop - and what you can do to model this to sell more high ticket products or services.

The best part is you can view it all on your phone, tablet, or laptop!

So anywhere you go the best persuasion principles and the “Second Self” technique is in your pocket, just a few clicks or taps away.
I want to run a special test. It’s based on something I call the “Bowling Pin Beliefs” strategy. Basically I want to help you win. I want to help you make more money. 

I want to do that for two reasons:
  • I genuinely enjoy helping people. I like when people’s lives change because of what I teach. It makes me feel good.
  • I believe that by doing that, you’ll end up spending more money with me. Once you make more money from my products you’ll want to buy my other stuff. That way you make more money...and so do I. Just wanted to be fully transparent with you as to why I’m gonna charge you so much less than the $6,000 other people paid for this info.
Here Are All The Benefits You'll Get When 
You Order The Ultimate Persuasion Workshop Today...
You get full access to all 12 hours, 50 minutes, and 43 seconds of persuasion, mindset, sales, and copywriting goodness...

You’ll get the tools to tap into your “Second Self” and remove your internal blocks holding you back from achieving and doing more with your life...

Which means you’ll experience more wealth, abundance, success, and happiness in your life.

It’s like taking your foot off the brake pedal and doubling down on the accelerator.

You’ll get access to exclusive insight from some of the greatest minds in sales and marketing like Justin Goff...

And you’re covered by an iron-clad 30 day money back guarantee.

If you go through the Ultimate Persuasion Workshop and it isn’t up to par or it isn’t as powerful as I say it is, feel free to send an email to my support team and we’ll promptly refund your money. 

As long as you actually went through the program, you can get a refund. I don’t do a “no questions asked” guarantee because I want you to COMMIT to the program. If you’re not the type of person who’s willing to commit to your growth, then this isn’t for you. 

However, if you’re willing to consume the information and do the Second Self, I’m confident you’re gonna love it.

I’ve never made it available to the public before (only to my email list).

The content is legit worth $6,000 because it’s a compilation of the highlights of two of my in-person workshops where people paid $3,000 to attend each.

Or how about if you were able to start charging what you’re worth and double your prices for doing the same work….or you doubled the amount of sales you’re making...

Would it be worth it $3,000?

My guess is yes...

But because of the incredible results people are achieving not just from the “Second Self” technique but also from the rest of the workshop...

I decided to offer it to you too.

So instead of forking over $3,000 like people would have to pay to attend these workshops LIVE...

I’m going to give you a special incentive price today because I’m never going to teach this again...

And I want to share the power of the “Second Self” technique with the world...

As well as the powerful money making and persuasion principles inside the workshop.

So I’m literally going to charge you 6 times less than what the workshop attendees paid for this info….

That means your investment is just $497. 

And let’s be real.

If all you got out of the Ultimate Persuasion Workshop was just 2 more sales a month...

So over a year if you are earning, say, a measly $50 per sale... 

Over the course of a year you’d earn an extra $1,200…

What if you doubled your sales and you’re currently doing $5,000 a month? You’d add $5,000 a month...or $60,000 over the course of the year. 

If that’s all you got out of the Ultimate Persuasion Workshop, would it be worth it?

It’s like if I went to you and said, “hey, can I borrow $497? I’ll pay you back with interest after a year so you’ll get $1,200...or $60,000.”

Or if you were able to attract just one extra client this month...

How much would that be worth to you?

An additional $500 in your pocket? 

Or if you charge high ticket, maybe a few grand?

How much is that worth over a year?

Far more than the price of entry.

So for the right person, this is a no-brainer.
This Truly Is A Rare Training
This isn’t some fake scarcity.

I don’t teach this stuff anymore. I haven't held a bootcamp since January 2018.

If you were to email my support team before and ask to come to a workshop you’d have to invest the full $3,000 I offered to my email list at the time.

So if you want to get everything I taught in the Ultimate Persuasion Workshop...
Here’s What You Need To Do Right Now...
Simply click "I Want To Get The Recordings" and you'll be sent to the order form immediately: 
What if I don't have a list or any clients?
No worries, we're going to give you a simple way to build a list from scratch and teach you how to get clients. That way you can still learn the copy skills essential to crushing it for clients. 
I struggle to come up with ideas to write about. I don't know to keep my content fresh and interesting. Will this solve my problem?
Yes, the techniques and formulas we teach you will help eliminate writers block and help you get into flow on command. You'll have more ideas than could possibly write about. Just open up the file and start writing. No more writer's block or staring at the blinking cursor. Plus you'll learn my strategies for turning any "boring event" into a fun sales-getting email. 
I hate feeling "sales-y" and can't seem to find my "voice," can I fix this?
Yes, when you use the right principles and formulas you can make sales AND build trust without coming across as a scummy salesman. You'll learn the perfect blend of salesmanship and content to get the most money out of your list and build a long-term asset. I also have a really cool trick that'll teach you your unique "voice" in just a couple of days. 
I don't have a product to promote. Should I still get this training?
Yes, you can use these strategies just as effectively to promote affiliate products. You can also leverage these skills to write email copy for other people. The great thing about freelancing for email copy is that you can get recurring contracts much more easily than traditional copy.  Email us at if you have questions. 
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