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What do you learn from selling over $100,000,000 online in just a few years?


That's why I'm starting The Unit. 

Over the past few years I've run close to a thousand split tests. This includes everything from email subject lines, to sales page intros, to video subtitles, checkout pages, upsells, and more. 

That data is what's allowed me to charge a whole lot of money to consult and write for other well as build and sell my own water filter company is less than a year.

The reality is I'm still writing and testing most days of the week. Not because I have to...but because I genuinely enjoy it. 

The problem is I haven't had a way to share these wins with people other than my high-paying clients...

...until now. 

So if you haven't already watched the video above, please do so now. I promise you it's not another boring ass sales video you see everywhere else. 

You'll hear a personal story I've never shared publicly before. You'll get to see what The Unit is really about...and you'll get to find out about my box. 

Already watched the video? GREAT. Read below to get the details and join The Unit now.
My Unusual Story
I hate hype-y sales pages more than you do. I promise.

So this will be quite different. 

Unfortunately my story is kinda cheesy, but it is entertaining. 

And it’s important to tell it because this story is really all about YOU. You’ll see why in a minute. 

First I’ll introduce myself. My name is Ian Stanley and get paid (well) to write stuff and make videos on the interwebz. 

(That’s me with the baby wolf. I was John Snow for Halloween.)
[HUMBLE BRAG WARNING] People (happily) pay me $20,000 to $100,000 to work on their sales funnels. ($20,000 up front. An additional potential $80k based on performance.) 

[QUE CHEESY STORY INTRO] But it wasn’t always this way…

See, my sophomore year of college I was living in a mobile home in Santa Cruz, CA. My next door neighbor was a 400 pound woman named Ape. She had a mullet and a handful of teeth. 

But it was in this dodgy little mobile home that I got on the path that would change my life forever. 

I was transferring colleges and had a lot of free time and very few friends in the area. So I spent most of my time clicking on shit on the internet. I got into affiliate marketing, MLMs, and even sports betting. (Which is ironically the only one that made me any money.) 

I bought a bunch of courses and barely actually did anything. I would just buy them and return them. 

Then junior year rolled around and I got a marketing coach. He told me to get an email marketing course. I bought it…and I never would’ve thought it would lead me to where I am now. 

I devoured and it and actually started writing. Then I got my first paid gig. I was in Brazil for the summer and did a bit of writing for a couple of weeks and paid for my whole trip. 

I was only getting paid about $5 per email…but I was stoked just to get paid to work from my laptop. (I now charge $1500 per email PLUS a performance bonus of $5,000. Things have changed a lot, but you have to start somewhere.) 

After that I decided to write a book on how to pick up women. Yes, that’s true. 

And I will never forget the first sale I ever made. 

I wrote a pre-sell page, my friend bought some bing ads to the page, and then someone bought the product I was promoting. 

I opened my click bank account one afternoon in my little college apartment…and freaked the fuck out. $113.84. And I wasn’t even working!

I literally ran around my apartment screaming and spanking my own ass like a horse jockey. 

You’ll never forget your first sale. 

The next sale I made was during a final exam. I walked out of class and checked my phone.


I just got paid to take a test.

This was the life I dreamed of.

Then college ended and I started a second degree…in Netflix and Procrastinate. I got my doctorate in a record 6 months. Then I couldn’t take it anymore. 

I was trying to do everything online. 

-Write copy
-Build websites
-Paid traffic
-Product creation
-Blah blah blah you get it.

Long story short, I wasn’t making any money. And I noticed a pattern emerging amongst the people in the forums online.

They were all trying to do everything too. And they were broke. (My guess is they still are broke.)

So I decided to stop doing everything and just focus on one skill.

I chose writing. 

So every single day I woke up and hand copied a sales letter for an hour. I didn’t miss a day. 

One month later I got a job working with an internet marketer in the personal finance space. 

We had an email list of over 1 million people and I wrote all the emails. I learned a TON. I was only making about $4,000 to $5,000 a month but to me that was AMAZING.

Towards the end I was working about 10 hours a week. In fact, one month I went to England and Scotland for 30 days and I worked about 10 hours total.

That’s about $500 an hour. Not too bad. 

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. 
It wasn’t until I learned how to bridge the gap from copywriter to “Persuasion Hitman” that I really made a leap in income. 
I did everything copy related. Front end sales letters. Upsells. Thank you pages. Emails. Ad copy for Google and Facebook. Articles. 

I learned the entire process and built about 2 full funnels a month. 

It’s safe to say that taught me a lot.

Over the past few years I’ve sold over $100,000,000 worth of products online. 

I recently took a water filter company to six figures a month and sold it to the fastest growing start up in Canada after just 10 months.  

It’s weird that one skill…converting people into dollars…has led me to this position. Making multiple 5 figures every month. (Sometimes 6 figures.)
But it was the overall skill of being a Persuasion Hitman that took me from $10k a month to $25k to $80k a month. 
That’s where most copywriters are lacking. 

They don’t understand funnels from start to finish. They don’t understand the entire sales process.

Once you learn that, you can write your own checks. Or have people get excited to write you big ass checks.

So here’s the deal…

If you want to start making money as a copywriter…or go from 6 figures to multiple 6 figures or even 7 figures a year.

Or if you're an ecommerce or info product owner who wants me to help you with your funnels...then joining The Unit is by far the best way to do it. (Other than paying my fees to work with you directly.)

So if that sounds like you then click the link below and sign up now.
My "Force You to Succeed" Guarantee
Here's my guarantee: I'm not offering a least not in the "traditional" sense. I don't believe in them. A guarantee gives you a way to back out from achieving what you want. It allows you to give up on something that you want to achieve.

Not having guarantee means you have to "burn the ships" so to speak. You MUST take action because there is no other option.

That being said, here's what I AM offering. If you actually submit copy or a sales funnel to a livestream and don't think it was insane value then I'll GLADLY refund you every penny. 

My refund rate on my products is so low most marketers don't believe me when I tell them. 

I'm doing this because I truly believe it's the best way to ensure you succeed. I know how it easy to just refund something because you're too scared to actually take action. And I offer that guarantee because I KNOW you're going to get way more out of this than the measly $49 a week. 

Here's a quick video that I think will change your beliefs about guarantees (Skip to 4:20):
Did you pay attention to what he said?

"We want people to make guarantees to us. But we aren't willing to make guarantees to ourselves. 

In 30 days you want your money back. But you've never demanded your money back from yourself."

You're covered if you DO THE WORK. It's time to take action and assume responsibility for your own success. 

I'm here to help guide you on the path and give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. 

So take action now and Join The Unit.

You'll receive an email immediately with the Special Forces Cold Traffic Secrets ebook and the Cold Traffic Conversions audio file.

This special second intake price is only available until February 13th. Then the price goes up to $3,750 per year. 
The Members are loving it. Here's why…

"I made my YEARLY investment back within the first 2 weeks"

At first, I was hesitant to join the The Unit because I didn’t know what to expect.

I was worried it would be the same boring marketing tactics I’ve heard a million times. 

My gut told me The Unit was going to be different and I’m glad I listened. I had a handful of massive breakthroughs from ONE call with Ian. 

On top of that, I made my YEARLY investment back within the first 2 weeks!

There’s no doubt I’ll make back 10x in this year alone... If you’re not in The Unit, you’re missing out.”

- Joey Percia

"You are a motherf***ing genius"

Just to be “in your world” (loath that phrase) is worth paying the money I don’t have. You are a motherf***ing genius. Thank you.

It’s still the most valuable thing I’ve done all week. Not to mention hilarious.

Anyway, thanks. It was cool. 

- James Langridge

"There's no one I would recommend more highly"

Ian Stanley is one of the most creative, original, and effective copywriters I know. 

He combines a unique talent for storytelling with a superb understanding of fundamentals to create compelling, high converting sales copy. 

Whether you are looking to create a new offer, make an absurd amount of money on an email marketing campaign, or to build your brand - there's no one I would recommend more highly than Ian.

- Stefan Georgi
When you join The Unit you'll receive:
  • 1 Print Newsletter each month ($200/mo)
  • Special PDF that teaches you how to create an info product in 2 hours or less. ($250)
  • 2 Livestreams where you can submit copy, sales pages, and watch me write over my shoulder ($5k/mo)
  • Special Forces Cold Traffic Secrets ebook ($97)
  • Cold traffic conversion secrets 90 minute audio with Mr. X ($197)
  • A Secret Mission For New Unit Members ($200)
  • A physical package sent to your door. This is something that will change your life (priceless)
  • Access to The Unit FB Group - People have landed $10,000 + clients just from this group. ($LOTS)
  • Access to ALL past Unit Submission Calls (around 100 hours of videos) to be viewed whenever you want. ($5k) 
Yearly Value = $10,944
Yearly members will also receive these bonuses as part of this special one week promotion ending February 16th:
  •  My signature 'Second Self' guided meditation ($997) - Never released before. The recording of my intro and the guided meditation I ran at my $4000 copy bootcamp in February 2018. It's a method guaranteed to spark flow states and your best work.
  • Attracting Wealth Recording ($497) - An intimate 30 minute discussion we had with the students at my copy & conversion bootcamp. You'll hear from legends like Justin Goff and my coach therapist guy Brent Charleton.
  • BONUS ($997): The notes from my $4000 copy bootcamp in February 2018. Includes advanced marketing concepts on framing your offers, the 3 Golden Principles for upsells, and The Mindset of a World Class Marketer.
Bonus Value = $2,491

TOTAL VALUE = $13,435

One-time payment. Billed Annually.
    I don't have a product to promote. Should I still get this?
    Yes, you can use these strategies just as effectively to start or amplify you copywriting or sales career. I can't create your funnels, products or write your emails for you. What I can do is give you the proper feedback and ideas you need to turn your ideas into a profitable business.
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