How to Use Authentic Stories, Characters, and Comedy to Sell Damn Near Anything.
Since you're on this page you probably saw one of my ridiculous videos...

Maybe it was Lie Topez, Very G, Can't Gardone, Muscle Funson, Cryin Stewman, Silly Gene...or someone else.

Or maybe you saw my music video...

Thanks for watching. I have a ton of fun poking fun at the gurus and I'm glad people like the videos so much. (Or maybe you hate them but you were curious enough to land on this page.) 

Either way, you may not know who I actually am. My name is Ian Stanley and over the past few years I've sold over $100,000,000 worth of stuff online.

And I've learned something during that time...

The world of marketing and selling is changing.

We're entering the era of Transparency and Authenticity. Since the dawn of time scummy marketers have been using fear and lies to sell crappy products. 

Here's the problem. A lot of people are dumb...but they aren't stupid.

That means they're finally becoming aware of sleezy marketing tactics and lies. 

The only way to respond is with authentic marketing that treats people like REAL human beings. 

The problem is most people have no idea how to do that. And the good news is you can't fake Authenticity. 

But you can create it. I'm going to show you how to do that. Over the past few years I've sold over $100 million worth of products online using a simple formula:

C + A + V + E x FIA = Mucho dollares

Put your name and email below to find out what the formula is and how to use it. 

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