how To Rewire Your Mindset 
and Beliefs To Become 
a Better Salesperson or copywriter.
Here's What You'll Receive When 
You Get The Sales Inner Course:
  • Two Trainings: The first call is about beliefs, mindset, and the "closer visualization." The second call covers the Secret Smile Visualization to get yourself into an ideal state before you do any videos, phone calls, meetings, negotiations, writing, or sales presentations. 
  • Access to the private Sales Inner Membership Area: This is a private membership area group with videos to go deep into the inner course.
  • Recordings of the visualizations: I want to make sure you can easily listen to the visualizations while I guide you along. You'll have files of them to use whenever you want. 
There are 3 ways to increase sales 
with the power of visualization 
I'm going to cover more than just visualization in this course...but...the visualizations will be tangible things to add to your life that will add money to your bank account.

See, the mind cannot differentiate between what it sees in mind, and what is happening in reality. When you can see things in your mind BEFORE they happen, you can create a reality where they happen. 

Visualization is part of how I ended up living in my dream house. It's how I've had my biggest pay days. It made a huge difference in my athletic career. 

It's also the secret of world-class athletes like Conor McGregor and Michael Phelps. (We'll talk about them in the course.) 

Visualization works. It's proven. 

There are 4 primary ways to visualize:

1. First Person - You run through things as though they are happening to you in the first person. 

2. Third Person - You watch from an outside perspective.

3. End Result - This is how I had my biggest ever payday. I do this type of visualization whenever I sell from stage or in person. It's a way to create "Feelings in Advance" for yourself. 

You see the end result you want in your mind, then it becomes your reality. This is where the "Closer Visualization" falls into. It's crazy how well this works. 

4. State Change - You use a series of images to create a change in state. This is where I'll teach you the "Secret Smile" to get yourself into the ideal state before you do anything sales related. (It also works to make you a lot happier in your everyday life.) 

The best part about these visualizations is that you can do them in as little as 3 minutes...or you can spend 10-20 minutes doing them if you want to. They take so little time that there's no excuse not to use them. 

Combine these visualizations with the belief shifts and mindset training and I truly believe you'll become the best version of yourself when it comes to sales. 

This training should be really expensive. I am 100% certain you're going to learn things that you can't learn anywhere else. I could charge a whole lot of money for this and people would pay for it. 

But I'm not gonna charge a ton for this because I want a low-ticket offer to teach new customers of mine something crazy valuable. It will be available to buyers of my book in the future for $77. However since you're on my list and I love you for that, I'm gonna let you get this training for just $33.

This is ridiculously low-priced because I'm confident you'll buy a lot more of my stuff once you've gone through this training.

Hope to see you in the Sales Inner Course. It's gonna be a lot of fun. 

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