Create Almost Passive Income for Yourself at the Second Ever API Live Event...

The event will take place April 11th and 12th in Downtown Boise.

The price below is good for the first 100 people. It will increase $100 after the first 100 sign up.

22 Tickets Left at $300.

Event Agenda:

 Day 1 - Monday, April 11th (9am to 5pm)

9am: Introduction and what to expect.

9:15am: All the Lies You’ve Been Told About Money (Phase 1 - Ian Stanley)

10:00am: First money meditation. (Phase 1 - Ian Stanley)

10:30am: Ideal Day Workshop - How to Use Half-Day Discipline to Design Your Ultimate Lifestyle (Phase 1 - Ian Stanley)

12pm: How to make millions (maybe) with NFTs and Community NFTs (Phase 1 - Lee Richter)

1pm: Lunch

2:30pm: The One Minute Meditation to Trigger Instant Flow States. (Phase 1 - Ian and Cam)

3:30pm: Mike Abramov - How to get clients and hire writers (Phase 2 - Mike Abramov)

4:30pm: How to turn words into money (Phase 2 - Ian Stanley)

5pm - 6pm: Optional happy hour party

8pm: Comedy show

Tuesday, April 12th (9am to 6pm)

9am: Opening Meditation

9:30am: Ian’s Crypto and NFT Strategy for 2022 (Phase 3 - Ian Stanley)

10:30am: Ryan Coisson - How to get rich AF with his unique investing strategy (Phase 3 - Ryan Coisson)

11:45am: ****Dr. Jeff - How to Create and Join Unbeatable Teams (Phase 2 - Dr. Jeff Spencer)

12:30pm: Elite Leadership and Teams (Ian Stanley)

1pm: Lunch

2:30pm: How to transition from freelancer to Business Owner (Phase 3 - Stefan Georgi)

3:30pm: Panel: What to invest in right now (Phase 3 - Panel)

4:30pm: How to Develop Your Own Investing Strategy (Whether you’re a millionaire or barely getting by)  (Phase 3 - Ian Stanley)

5pm: Finishing meditation and ideal day creation

5:30pm END

7pm: Cocktail party
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Over the two days we're gonna cover 3 primary areas:
  •  Your emotional and mental relationship to money. AKA your money blocks.
  • ​How to develop Exponential Income Skills.
  • ​The 2nd day will be focused on ONE core idea - How to make $100,000 a month in ALMOST Passive Income (API). Doesn't matter if you're just trying to make your first $1,000 in API or you wanna go from $50,000 to $100,000 a month.

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