Uncover and Resolve the Hidden Blocks That Are Holding You Back
Right now you have a list of things that you know, if you did them, would make you more money…

Make you happier…

Improve your health…

Improve your relationships…

But you’re not doing them.


Is it because your lazy? Or stupid? 

I doubt it. 

It’s because there’s something inside you that’s holding you back from doing what you need to do. There are internal blocks that are making it damn near impossible to make the changes that will truly impact your daily life. 

And you can’t uncover these blocks yourself…

Because you are YOU.

And you can’t effectively step outside of yourself to objectively assess what’s going on within you…no matter how self-aware you are.

So what’s the answer?

There’s two things you need to do. 

1. Learn how to access flow states and creativity that you currently don't have access to. (AKA learn how to use your Second Self.)

2. Uncover and Resolve your hidden blocks. (This is where Brent will individually work with each person in the group to identify what's truly holding you back...and actually give you a way to resolve it.)

See, I've realized one thing in my business career from going to tons of events and masterminds. I spent at least $75,000 on coaching and masterminds last year and there's one core issue with most all of it...

They're too focused on tactics and information...or just networking. 

But the reality is...

Most business problems, once you get to a certain level of skill, aren't business problems, they're emotional or personal problems. 

That means getting more info isn't going to propel you forward. The thing that's going to take you to the next level is learning how to work on the blocks that are going on inside of you. Not outside of you.

I'm holding an event June 01 - 03 in Austin with the coach/therapist guy who changed my life. His name is Brent.

It's gonna cost less than anything I've done before (because I want to expose this material to as many people as possible in the beginning) but it's still a significant investment.

How has this guy "changed my life?" Well, here's some data:

-I've doubled (maybe tripled) my income. 
-I work about 1/4 as much as I used to.
-I'm in the second best shape of my life. (And quickly closing in on the best.)
-I'm the happiest I've ever been. (This is "measurable" in the sense that everyone who hasn't seen me in a year says I just "seem different...in a good way.")

So sign up below if you want the same type of stuff to happen to you at a fraction of the cost. 

I'm also going to share a very personal story on the next page... it's a story I've never shared publicly, but hopefully it resonates with you.

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