What's In The Box?
Hey, you might be wondering what’s in my box. 

We’ll talk about that in a minute...

I’m Ian Stanley, maybe you've seen one of my videos of one my characters like Lie Topez, Very G, Cant Gardone, or Richard Thanyu.

And maybe you've wondered...what does this guy actually do for a living?

Well, the reality is, I’m actually one of the highest paid copywriters and conversion experts online. 

I get paid pretty substantial sums of money to go into people businesses and beat their current sales funnels. 

It’s a lot of fun, and I’m doing this every single day so I’ve decided to start my own special group. 

It's called The Unit. 

It's a place where I break down the stuff I’m doing every month so that you can apply it to your business or your client's business. 

You'll even be able to submit copy and funnels live on camera so I can rewrite your copy and tweak your pages in real time. 

Look, if you wanted to hire me, it’s $15-20k upfront just to have a look at your business. And that’s not some pricing bollocks. That’s the actual rate I charge.

Plus an additional $15k to $60k or more on the backend. 

So if you’re a copywriter, salesman, or own any ecommerce or info products online, then this is for you.

You'll learn the same principles I used to launch a water business to a 6 figure a month business...and then sell it to the fastest growing start up in Canada in under a year. 

This group is just launching, so put your name and email below on joining and I’ll give you more info. 

Plus, you'll find out about my box...

Opt in right now and I'll also give you the copy checklist I use before I write any copy. This little cheat sheet totally transforms everything I write.
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