The 10 Minute "Money Morning" That Allows You To Make More Money in one hour than most people Make in a day
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: The Three Types of Money
Once you understand the three types of money you can radically change your income. It's as simple as applying the "Money Matrix" first thing in the morning.
Secret #2: The 4th Side of the "Money Pyramid"
There are 5 sides of any pyramid. I want to show you how to use the fourth side to change earn more in the first hour of your day than most people make in 8 hours.
Secret #3: How to Apply This Even if You're Not a Morning Person
It doesn't matter what time you wake up, it matters what you do when you wake up.
Here's What You'll Receive When 
You Join The Money Morning 7 Day Challenge:
  • Daily Challenge Emails: This challenge will run for 7 days. Each morning you'll receive your task for the day. Simply follow the steps in the email and watch what happens to your productivity and income. (P.S. I kinda hate the word productivity but I'll explain that more in the challenge.)
  • Access to the private Facebook 7 Day Money Morning Challenge Group: This is a private facebook group where I'll be making Facebook live videos to help coach you in the process. (The live videos are only available to this beta launch test group.) You can ask questions and get inspired by the other people applying the Money Morning.
  • The Tools I Use to Get the Most out of Each Hour I work: I will show you the tools I use on a daily basis to get the most out of each hour. Some of them are so simple you'll want to cast them aside...but it's the little habits that make big changes.
  • How to Get Addicted to Your "Big Money" Tasks: From the ages of 19 to about 26 I read about 2 to 4 books a week. (I didn't go to class in college, I stayed home and read on my kindle instead.) A lot of those books were about the human brain, dopamine, and learning. These books led me down a (kind of weird) rabbit hole into how to create USEFUL addictions. This part will be a little controversial but I've used these strategies to get addicted to what I call the "Big Money" tasks.
Could 10 Minutes Each Morning 
Really Change Your Life?
I want to show you how to make more in the first hour of your day than most people make in 8. 

See, how you start your day is how you’ll run your day. 

It doesn’t matter what time you wake up, it matters what you do when you wake up.

Yes, for some people you’ll do best getting up at 4am. Or 6am. Rise before the sun and all that. (I personally do best when I wake up at 5:45am but that's not always realistic with my travel schedule so I've had to figure out ways to work around that.)

But if you’re not a “morning person” that’s ok too. Maybe your “morning” starts at noon.

Either way, it’s not about what time you start. It’s HOW you start.

If you focus on the right things for the first 10 minutes of your morning, you can dramatically shift the quality of the work you do for the rest of the day. And therefore, how much you’ll make. You can also shift your relationship to money in that small amount of time...that way you can keep more of it and spend it more wisely.

The problem is most people start their day focusing on the wrong things.

They check facebook, email, instagram, you name it. Or they do “the little things” first and claim they’ll do the the important stuff later. (Newsflash: that rarely works.)

Over the past 10 years I've developed a system for starting my day that has allowed me to work 1-3 hours per day and make multiple six figures per year. (Yes, sometimes I work more than that. But often times, especially when I'm traveling, I only work for 20 or 30 minutes.)

It's NOT about how MUCH you work. It's about WHAT you do during that time...and even what you do BEFORE that time. 

That's what I'm going to show you in the 7 Day Money Morning Challenge. 

The only other place to learn what I teach about money is if you come to one of my $2000-3000 copy workshops.

But I want to make this the most outrageous no-brainer offer all you're gonna pay to join the challenge is $7.

If you're interested, I recommend you invest the measly $7 into the challenge and see what happens. If you don't love it just send us an email at and we'll refund you. 

Click the link below to join the challenge now.
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