If This Doesn't Work 
I'll Pay You $2,000 
Inside the triggers workshop you'll learn:

-Real-time behavioral triggering. This is REACTIVE as opposed to PROACTIVE.

-How to get super high opens to boost deliverability and engagement.

-Choose your own adventure style sequences.

-How to profit by sending people to other people’s content that you don’t own.

There's two multi-hour video trainings that will teach you stuff you've genuinely never heard before.

My goal is to get you your investment back within 14 days…(if you already have a good list or good clients of course)

...which leads me to my outrageous offer and guarantee…


You pay $2,000 for the training on email triggers. 


You will make back your investment within 14 days of the workshop. Yes, in just two weeks you’ll get your ROI. Honestly it’ll be within one email for some of you. For others it’ll take a few days or a little longer.

You obviously have to implement what I’m teaching…but if you implement it and show me that it didn’t work…I’ll refund you $2,000. And I’ll pay an additional $2,000 on top of that.

I’m willing to do that because I know there's no way not to make your money back. (You must already being making at least $25,000 a month to take me up on that offer. If you've never made a dime, then this ain't for you.)

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Who is this for?

This is for anyone who has an email list of over 10k people or freelance for someone who has an email list that big. You want to have that many people on your list because that tends to be the magic number where you can really make a lot of money from email.