I’ll Pay You $100 
To Test These Sales Strategies
What would it be worth to you to double your sales? 

Maybe that means doubling conversions on one of your funnels...or one of your client’s funnels?

Or maybe it means closing twice as many people on the phone. Or selling twice as many high ticket offers. 

Whatever type of sales you're involved in...

What would it be worth to double what you're doing now?

Think of that number in your head.

Then, in just a wee minute we’re gonna do a little math to show you what it could really be worth. It’ll be fun math. (Yes, fun math does exist as you’ll see in just a second.) 

First, I need to tell you a story. It’ll seem like this story is about me...but it’s really about YOU. I promise. (If I skip this part you won’t have any context for what I’m going to show you.)

Now lemme introduce myself. My name is Ian Stanley and I get paid (well) to increase people's sales. 

(That’s me with the baby wolf. I was John Snow for Halloween. And yes, I look like a bit of tool.)

[HUMBLE BRAG WARNING] People (happily) pay me $20,000 to $100,000 to work on their sales funnels. ($20,000 up front. An additional potential $80k based on performance.) 

[QUE CHEESY STORY INTRO] But it wasn’t always this way…

See, my sophomore year of college I was living in a mobile home in Santa Cruz, CA. My next door neighbor was a 400 pound woman named Ape. She had a mullet and a handful of teeth. 

But it was in this dodgy little mobile home that I got on the path that would change my life forever. 

I was transferring colleges and had a lot of free time and very few friends in the area. So I spent most of my time clicking on s*** on the internet. I got into affiliate marketing, MLMs, and even sports betting. (Which is ironically the only one that made me any money.) 

I bought a bunch of courses and barely actually did anything. I would just buy them and return them. 

Then junior year rolled around and I got a marketing coach. He told me to get an email marketing course. I bought it…and I never would’ve thought it would lead me to where I am now. 

I devoured and it and actually started writing. Then I got my first paid gig. I was in Brazil for the summer and did a bit of writing for a couple of weeks and it paid for my whole trip. 

I was only getting paid about $5 per email…but I was stoked just to get paid to work from my laptop. (I now charge $1500 per email PLUS a performance bonus of $5,000. Things have changed a lot, but you have to start somewhere.) 

After that I decided to write a book on how to pick up women. Yes, that’s true. 

And I will never forget the first sale I ever made. 

I wrote a pre-sell page, my friend bought some bing ads to the page, and then someone bought the product I was promoting. 

I opened my clickbank account one afternoon in my little college apartment…and freaked the eff out. $113.84. And I wasn’t even working!

I literally ran around my apartment screaming and spanking my own ass like a horse jockey. 

You never forget your first sale. 

It's a beautiful moment because it's more than you've ever made, you're not comparing it to anything, and it proves to you that this whole world is REAL. You actually CAN make a living from the interwebz.

The next sale I made was almost just as amazing as the first because it happened during a final exam. I walked out of class and checked my phone.


I just got paid to take a test.

This was the life I dreamed of.

Then college ended and I started a masters degree…in Netflix and Procrastinate. It was a tough job, but someone had to watch the entire series of Game Of Thrones for the third time....until one day I couldn’t take it anymore. 

I was trying to do everything online. 

-Write copy
-Build websites
-Paid traffic
-Product creation
-Blah blah blah you get it.

Long story short, I wasn’t making any money. And I noticed a pattern emerging amongst the people in the forums online.

They were all trying to do everything too. And they were broke. (My guess is they still are broke.)

So I decided to stop doing everything and just focus on one skill.

I chose writing. 

So every single day I woke up and hand copied a sales letter for an hour. I didn’t miss a day. 

One month later I got a job working with an internet marketer in the personal finance space. 

We had an email list of over 1 million people and I wrote all the emails. I learned a TON. I was only making about $4,000 to $5,000 a month but to me that was AMAZING.

Towards the end I was working about 10 hours a week. In fact, one month I went to England and Scotland for 30 days and I worked about 10 hours total.

That’s about $500 an hour. Not too bad. 

But that was just the tip of the iceberg.
It wasn’t until I learned how to bridge the gap from copywriter to “Persuasion Hitman” that I really made a leap in income
I did everything sales related. Front end sales letters. Upsells. Thank you pages. Emails. Ad copy for Google and Facebook. Articles. 

I learned the entire process and built a funnel every other week for a year.  (I probably created and tested over 20 full funnels in 2016.)

It’s safe to say that taught me a lot.

Over the past few years I’ve sold over $100,000,000 worth of products online. 

I recently took a water filter company to six figures a month and sold it to the fastest growing start up in Canada after just 10 months.  

It’s weird that one skill…converting people into dollars…has led me to this position. Making multiple 5 figures every month (in income, not just revenue). Sometimes 6 figures per month. 

Now that we’ve got my story out of the way…
It’s time for that “fun math” I promised you…
Let’s start out with small, simple numbers. Let’s say your funnel is currently making $100 per day in profit.

You sell a $100 product. 

You’re sending 100 visitors to your site each day for $1 per click. 2 of the 100 are buying. That’s a 2% conversion rate. You make $200 in revenue. Minus your $100 in ad spend. So $100 in profit. 

Now let’s say you increase the conversions from 2% to 4%. You still spend $100 on ads. But now you’ve made 4 sales instead of 2. Your revenue is now $400. But here’s the cool part…you’re now making $300 in profit. So you doubled your conversions…but you TRIPLED your profit. 

Now that you’ve got your conversions up you decide to reinvest just 50% of your profit back into adspend. Assuming it scales perfectly (in a non-perfect world) you are now spending $250 a day on ads. 4% conversion rate on 250 clicks is 10 sales. 10 sales times $100 per product is $1,000 in revenue. 

They (or maybe this is you) just went from making $200/day to $1,000/day. And they (again, maybe you) went from $100 a day in PROFIT to $750/day in profit. 

Not. Too. Shabby. 

What would it be worth to you to go from $200 a day to $1,000 a day? That’s an extra $24,000 per month…or $288,000 per year. 

Would you pay $1,000 for an EXTRA $288,000? I’m gonna guess yes. 

What if we get SUPER conservative for a minute and say all you get is a 20% lift on your funnel and don’t reinvest a single dollar of your profits?
$100/day times a 20% lift equals $120/day. That’s an extra $600 a month or $7200 per year. 

Still worth $1,000? Even a second grader would agree with that math…

So at this point you may be thinking…that’s great in theory…but this is the REAL world where math isn’t quite so clean and simple. 

Glad you brought that up…

First off, let’s lower our expectations. Let’s say you don’t even double your conversions. Let’s be ultra realistic and say it’s just a 33% lift. (This is a number I can hit with just about any client…even if they’ve already run 50 split tests on their funnel.) 

So let’s take a real world example from a client of mine. They do multiple 8 figures per year and here’s what the contract looked like:
  • ​$15,000 upfront
  • ​$5,000 bonus if I provide 3 or more scripts to test (more swings give us a better chance)
  • ​5 to 15% better than control in conversion % or $/visitor: $15,000 bonus
  • ​16 to 25% better than control in conversion % or $/visitor: $30,000 bonus
  • ​26 to 35% better than control in conversion % or $/visitor: $45,000 bonus
  • ​36%+ better than control in conversion % or $/visitor: $60,000 bonus
I wrote 3 leads for their sales page so they paid $20k up front. 

Their average order value was $120. Their conversion rate was 1%.  

I ended up beating the sales page by 33% on the first test. And it added $5 to each order. 

Stats before the conversion lift:

They’re selling around 200 front ends per day at $120 per order. So they’re making about $24,000 per day. $720,000 per month. $8,640,000 per year…from that one funnel.

Stats after the 33% lift: 

Now they’re selling about 260 front ends per day at $125 per order. So now they’re making $32,500 per day. $975,000 per month. $11,700,000 per year.

One simple test and they made an extra $3.6 million. 

Again…Not. Too. Shabby. 

And definitely worth the $65,000 they paid me. (For about 6 hours of work on my end.)

I think that pretty clearly demonstrates the value of increasing your conversions even by 33%. 

But maybe you’re just starting out and a little boost like that isn’t worth $3.6 million.

Let’s say you’re making $10/day. You have a $10 product and you’re making 1 sale per day. You double your conversions. Now you’re making $20/day or $600 per month. You’ve added $300 a month to your income or $3600 per year. 

Again, is that worth $1,000 to you? That savvy second grader is still nodding his head yes.

That would still be a 360% return on your money.

There’s nowhere else you can get those returns. (Unless you time Bitcoin perfectly…in which case…good for you! I personally prefer my scalable, predictable returns.)

What if you’re a freelancer or you do work for clients? Imagine how much you could make for a client if you doubled their conversions. Or even just got a 20% lift. 

Imagine how much that could mean for your bank account.

The last client I got a 20% lift for paid me $50,000. Even if you’re just starting out you can modify my contract structure to get your first client or make more from your existing clients. (Which is something I’ll teach you in the Double Your Sales 30 Day Challenge….I’ll get to that in just a minute.) 

Now here’s the best part about everything I just told you…

I’m going to give you a real way to double your conversions on your existing funnels. (Or your client’s funnels.)

Or, if we’re feeling conservative, at LEAST increase them by 20%. (Which could still mean an extra zero or two in your account.) 

And you’re not going to pay $1,000. 
In fact, I’ll pay you $100 to Test these
sales Strategies I’m going to give you.
Lemme explain. 

See earlier this year, I started doing something I’ve never done before. 

It’s called the Double Your Sales 30 Day Challenge. 

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

Starting on the first Monday after you sign until the last Friday 4 weeks later, I’m going to send you an email everyday. These emails will contain lessons, split tests to run, videos with conversion optimization strategies, sales tactics, and whatever else I think (know) will increase your conversions. 

They’ll be conveniently delivered to your inbox everyday so you don’t have to login to some fancy membership software. (I’ll even show you how I use email to deliver products that get me an 80-90% open rate and 50-60% click through for the first 30 days.) 

My focus is on ACTIONABLE content. Well, content may be the wrong word. Actionable TESTS. Things you can actually DO to increase your conversions. 

DISCLAIMER: I have a long track record of success. I have data from over $100,000,000 in sales that guide my conversion testing. You may not get the same results. (But this is also the data that I’m using to teach you everything I know...so maybe you will.)
So how much am I charging you to 
Double Your Sales?
 Well, really it’s an investment on your part, but I think you know what I mean. (Conversion tip #27: frame the purchase as an investment instead of a cost.)

This is the Price Anchoring portion of the sales letter. (Something I’ll teach you in detail during the challenge.)

But this is gonna be a little different than a normal Price Anchoring section you’d see in a cheesy infomercial or traditional sales letter. Instead of getting all fancy with you I’m just gonna walk you through the conversation I had with my team. 

Me: “F***, we really are giving away a ton of value. I think we should just do it for $997. There’s zero chance someone won’t get that value if they actually do the stuff I’m teaching.” 

Team: “Ok, that sounds good. Let’s think for a second though…do we want a lot of people to be in the challenge…or just the right people?”

Me: “Normally I’d say just the right people. But this is such a broad topic that maybe we should just let more people into it and then let the right people join The Unit (my paid marketing group) if they love the challenge. So maybe we should just $197. That just sounds so cheap for what they’re getting though.”

Team: “Yeah, but I bet we would get a bunch of people to join.”

Me: “Yeah, and it’d be fun to get a bunch of people to share their split tests with the group.”

Team: “True. Here’s one more thing to think about though if you really want a ton of people to join. My friend just did a 21 day mindset challenge for $99 and got over 1500 people into it with just cold traffic and no affiliates.”

Me: “Dayum. That’s solid. Effffffff….maybe we should just do that and blow this thing our of the water.”

That’s a real (difficult) conversation we had at Seventh Flag coffee in Austin, TX (where I used to live). 

And it’s what we decided on. 

So we’re literally doing this 30 day challenge for just $99. (It kinda hurts to type that out cuz it seems so low…but I’m gonna trust the universe…and my team…and go for it.)

But that’s not the best part. 
I wanted to make this one of the most ridiculous offers
the Sales world has ever seen…
So I’m putting my own money on the line.
If you run three split tests based on what you learn in the challenge…and none of those split tests win…I’ll refund you your $99 AND send you an additional $100. 

You read that correctly.

I will literally PAY YOU $100 if you test my stuff and it doesn’t work.

Simply take a screenshot of your split tests and email them to me and I’ll refund you and pay you your extra $100. (If you tested stuff over the phone just tell me the tests you ran.) It’s that easy. 

That’s how confident I am that what you’ll learn WORKS. Not because I’m smart or special…but because everything I’m teaching you is based on HARD DATA. Real numbers. Real wins. 

And yes, I’m aware that some scammy folks will try take advantage of this in unethical ways. That’s ok. I’ll live…and they’ll have to live with themselves. I’ll take my side of that coin everyday of the week. 

UPDATE: Of all the people who've gone through this challenge, zero have requested me to pay them $100.
What about a traditional 100% money-back guarantee?
Well, I’m not a traditional guy so I won’t make a traditional guarantee. (Conversion tip #7 states: It’s better to be different than it is to be better.) 

I’m not going to give you the opportunity to give up on yourself. I’m not going to let you let yourself down. 

Why? Because I actually care about your success. Not because I’m a good person…but because it makes me feel good inside when people send me unsolicited testimonials. (It’s quite selfish really.)

So I’m not going to offer you a 100% money back guarantee. 

This means you HAVE to run at least three split tests if you’re even thinking of getting your money back. And I highly doubt you’ll want your money back after you run these split tests…because you’ll already have paid for the course (a few times over) with your winnings. 

Here’s a harsh truth about life:

If you don’t take action, that’s on YOU. It’s not my responsibility. I can’t come to your house or office and do it for you. (Unless you want to pay my $15k per day consulting fee...in which case, feel free to email me.)

See, everyone wants a guarantee from someone else. But you aren’t willing to make a guarantee to yourself. 

The way I’ve set up this challenge means YOU are responsible for your success. I will do everything on my end to give you the tools to succeed. I’ll give you the hammer and the nails. But you have to swing the damn thing yourself. 
At This Point You Have 3 Options
Option 1: Ignore this whole page you've just read. Carry on with your life exactly how it is. Do not focus on increasing your sales. Stay where you are. (Btw, maybe you're totally content with where you're at and what you're making...and that's OK. Seriously, it is.)

Option 2: Decide you want to increase your sales...but try to do it on your own. After all, maybe you'll succeed and maybe you won't. But that's up to you. You can risk doing it yourself. You can buy other courses. You can scour the internet for "sales hacks" and whatever other hot flavor of the week you come across. Or...

Option 3: You can skip all the hard work and guess work and just test out what I'm gonna teach you. If it doesn't work I'll pay you $100 just for trying it out. You literally have nothing to lose and (at very least) $100 to gain. I'd take option 3 Trebek.


    P.S. If you just skimmed this whole thing (like I might've done) here's the offer:

    Join my 30 day Double Your Sales Challenge. Apply 3 of the split tests to your funnels and if none of them win...I'll refund your $99 AND pay you $100. You literally have nothing to lose and $100 (or a WHOLE LOT more to gain.) 
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