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My friend Andrew Clark and I are doing a high-end Email Copy and Deliverability workshop in LA. (It'll be in Venice or Santa Monica so not crappy downtown LA.)

We're going to go deep into copy and deliverability for two days. And we'll help ensure you can apply everything you've learned directly to YOUR business.

Now let me tell you about an unusual statistic...

I recently decided to do some math on the plane from Barcelona to London.

I’ve never run these specific numbers before but one of my #1 rules for sales in general is do the math, so I guess it was overdue.

I wanted to know how much I earn per subscriber from my email list. My list is now around 6,000 people. (It was only 3,000 a couple months ago.)

It earns around $70k to $130k per month.

That comes out to about $11 to $22 per subscriber per month.

The average for most lists is supposed to be about $1 per month per subscriber. So mine is about 11 to 22 times higher than most.

Now let me be clear. This is NOT normal. I’m not saying you can replicate that. (I'm also not saying I do this high a number in other niches.) But even if you can get $2 per name per month you’re over double the norm. 

The reason I think I have such a high earnings per subscriber (EPS) is because I focus on the long-game BUT understand the importance of cash flow in the short term.

See, most successful email marketing folk fall into one of two categories.

1. Pump and dump. Churn and burn. They want short term cash to fund their traffic costs. It can work well…but not in the long-term. Overall it’s a stressful business model. This is how most 7-8 figure business owners I know operate.

2. Long-game only. This is more common amongst people who only teach marketing or people with high ticket items that don’t spend money on paid traffic. They don’t need short term cash flow because they rely on referrals and high profit margins.

The real money is when you can understand both...and earn revenue from day 0 but turn high profits over the long-term.

That’s the email system I’ve practiced in my business. 

That's the email system I'm going to cover at the workshop. I'm going to go DEEP into the actual strategies you can use in your business for ONE primary reason:

Scale your traffic. 

If you can acquire traffic at breakeven on Day 0 or even day 14 or day can scale in real and PROFITABLE way.

If you can nail this short game/long game combo strategy that I apply, you can outspend your competitors and exponentially grow your biz. 

Imagine this...

You're currently getting 1,000 new subscribers a day. You spend $1 to acquire each subscriber. They are worth $1 on day 14. You decide you can spend $1 to acquire each customer. 

Now what if you could get just $1.25 per subscriber on day 14. Now you decide you can spend $1.25 per subscriber.

Here's the cool part. Scaling traffic is NOT linear. It's exponential in a lot of cases. At the $1 per subscriber number you can only get 1,000 subscribers a day. 

$1.25 per subscriber is only a 25% lift in revenue. But when you start spending $1.25 per new subscriber you probably won't only get an additional 25% in new customers. 

You may start getting 2,000 new subscribers today. Now what if you could spend $2 per new subscriber?

You may suddenly start getting 5,000 new subscribers per day. You've only doubled your revenue per subscriber, but now you're acquiring 5x the amount of subscribers.

Now you've just gone from $1k per day to $10k per day just by doubling your subscriber value.

I'm not saying that's gonna happen for you. But I've seen it happen in businesses I've worked with once I've reworked the autoresponder. 

See, the reason this happens is because of something I call the "Traffic Cliff."

The "Traffic Cliff" is the reason why Agora Financial is so successful. It's the reason why one of my best friends has had his supplement company for 10 years when most people fail after 2. 

The "Traffic Cliff" is the magical place you arrive at when you can outspend your competitors. It's the exponential growth curve. 

If everyone else can only spend $2 per subscriber, but you can spend $2.50 you're not gonna get 25% more subscribers than them. You'll get 2x or 5x the subscribers because you've just hit the cliff where they can't continue...but you can.

Agora knows their numbers. They know they can spend more than anyone else. That's why they're doing over a billion per year and most people are struggling to break 7 or 8 figures. Or scale from $20 million to $30 or $40 million...or to 9 figures. (Obviously there are other reasons, but this is the basis for their success.) 

Agora combines the short term with the long term. That's my specialty. That's what I want to help you with.

I'll focus on teaching you the copy skills and follow up strategies...and Andrew will make sure your emails actually GET DELIVERED.

Anyways, here's just some of what you'll learn at the workshop...
  •  How to rebuild a list that’s consistently going to spam.
  •  How to set up your autoresponder to ensure best deliverability.
  •  How often to purge or clean your list
  •  The best segments to create to keep your engagement high. (Without cutting your list in half.)
  •  Why you should never send to unopens. (Except in one very specific circumstance.)
  •  What to do if you’re in gmail’s "promo tab" jail.
  •  How to properly manage a "seed list." (Hint: There are some emails you should NEVER open.)
  •  The power of the "reply email" and how to utilize it to dramatically increase deliverability (and sales)
  •  The quality of upstream traffic to your list and how it affects engagement
  •  The most powerful email trigger that you should start using today (and really should’ve started using yesterday)
  •  How to use 30 minute to one hour "trigger emails" to get 50% or higher open rates. (Hint: this tells gmail that you are a trusted sender who they should treat well and put in the primary inbox.)
We’ll answer your biggest questions like:
  •  How do you understand the difference between domain and IP reputation?
  •  Should you use a shared IP or dedicated IP?
  •  Why is my open rate going down in my autoresponder?
  •  How do I reactive a list of non-openers?
  •  How often should I mail my list?
  •  How should I treat my most engaged subscribers?
  •  What to do with the rich people on your list to bring in big PROFITS from tiny segments. (And how to identify who the rich people are.)
  •  Why am I in promotions and not in primary? (And how to test your way out of promotions.)
Best of all, everything we’re teaching is ESP (email service provider) agnostic so you don’t have to use a specific ESP for these strategies to work.

This is actually one of the most important things I want to touch on. It’s easy to talk about ONE list we manage with ONE ESP. But that doesn’t benefit everyone. So we focus on the strategies you can implement in any niche with any size list.

Andrew uses multiple different ESPs for all his different lists. (He sends over 100 different emails everyday.)

Anyways, here’s the video him and I recorded with a simple strategy to reactivate subscribers:
And here’s why I’m doing all this…

Andrew (the guy who sends daily emails to over 100 lists per day) and I are going to do an email copy and deliverability workshop early next year.

To my knowledge this is the only email copy AND deliverability workshop. (I went to a deliverability ONLY workshop last year that was $25k.) It’ll be two days long.

And it’ll be expensive. But it won’t be $25k expensive.

I’ll cover the most in depth email copy stuff I know. (These are things that are working RIGHT NOW that I haven’t shared in my courses yet.)

Andrew will show you how to get into the inbox…

If you’re interested and want to invest in your email skills and business then  sign up below. If you’re ready to pull the trigger do it now. 

The investment is $10,000 for the event. We had people say they made their investment back by lunch on day 1 because of the "survey secret" I taught them. 

It's incredibly reasonable for how much money you'll be making. I'd be shocked if what we teach you doesn't add at least $100k to your business in 2020. My guess is it'll be more in the 7 figure range depending on where you're at right now. 

For the last event, everyone paid $10k. There were no discounts. Not even for my friends. 

I'm weary to lower the price on this, even for something like Black Friday. But I decided I'd give it a shot and let you guys save some big money if you're ready to jump at this opportunity. 

So for this weekend only, until the end of Cyber Monday, you can come to the workshop for just $8,000. That's a $2,000 savings. 

That's pretty significant. I would personally just sign up now to save the $2,000. 

Also, this is ONLY for my subscribers. This isn't a public deal, so most people who come will be paying the full $10k. 

The event will be January 24 and 25th in LA. We will NOT be recording this. The only way to get the info is to show up in person. 

Anyways, test the strategy from the video and I think you’ll see just how valuable this is going to be...

Talk soon,

Ian "deliverability + copy for the win" Stanley

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Who is this for?

This is for anyone who has an email list of over 10k people or freelance for someone who has an email list that big. You want to have that many people on your list because that tends to be the magic number where you can really make a lot of money from email.

Who is going to be teaching?

I will be teaching email copy and my buddy Andrew will be teaching deliverability. I've sold over $100,000,000 worth of products online. A lot of that came from email. I typically charge $15-20K upfront with $60-80K on the backend just to consult with one funnel.

Andrew sends over 1 billion (with a B) emails a year through his company's lists. He's the guy that deliverability experts go to when they don't know how to do something.

There's a good chance you will learn something from our experience and past mistakes. :)

Can I bring a team member?

Yes. For now it, costs $10,000 for you and a team member to attend the workshop. It will go up to $12,000 once Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ends.