The 7 Levels Of Earning That You Allow You to Make More Money 
From Less Time...
This Was Only Ever Taught In My $2,000 Workshop With 
David Deutsch. You Can Add It To Your Order Right Now.
Here's what you'll get in the 7 Levels of Earning Training:
  • The 7 levels of earning.
  • ​The 4 subcategories of wealth that let you have fun and feel fulfilled while you make money.
  • ​How to create win-win-win scenarios to make more money from less work. 
  • ​Humans are incentive driven creatures - here’s how to tap into that.
  • ​How you start your business is how you’ll end your business - you need to understand this or you’ll build things the wrong way.
  • ​If you think you’re going to hustle and grind and then when you’re happy or you’ve made enough money…I’m 99% sure you’re wrong.
  • ​The difference between Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and everyone else. (Hint: it’s the 5th level of earning.)
  • ​How you can 10x your income or more by going from level 4 to level 5.
  • ​Most people talk about scale but they don’t know how to scale without depending on time and work. There’s a better way…
  • ​Why fun can = money.
  • ​How to get paid to breathe.
  • ​Why your existence is inherently valuable (and how to profit from it). 
  • ​How to get paid to have fun.
  • ​Why top actors make more than everyone else in the industry (and how you can use their strategy for yourself).
  • ​How to make a living AND have a life.
  • ​Why you may be feeding the sheep in wolf’s clothing.
  • ​The “redneck secret” to riches.
  • ​The difference between trading for money and building assets.
  • ​How to make sure AI can never replace you.
  • ​Why levels 4 and 5 can make you broke if you don’t execute. 
  • ​How to use your stories (and other people’s) to get rich AF.
  • ​Time isn’t real, here’s why that matters. 
  • ​The 2 questions to ask yourself to see if you’re building TRUE WEALTH.
  • ​And more money making knowledge…
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